Call for Application: PhD student in Southeast European studies in Ghent (Belgium) - Apply before 26.2.2021

Contemporary Southeast European societies are characterized by sharp sociospatial inequalities, not only at a transregional and global scale, but also within the region. While imperial legacies are important to understand these intraregional patterns, post–World War II development politics brought about specific processes of inner peripheralization and relative deprivation. We are seeking well-qualified applications for a doctoral research project on the intertwinement of social and spatial processes of peripheralization within Southeast Europe since the Second World War. Applicants are expected to independently develop the precise topic, methods and questions of their research within this framework, taking into consideration the following parameters.

Research proposals should give priority to well-defined case- and regional studies of peripheral social spaces (from regions, urban environments or rural areas, to firms, neighbourhoods or villages). Comparative proposals analysing multiple inner peripheries across political boundaries are particularly welcomed. The successful candidate should also demonstrate awareness of the wider and global ramifications and disciplinary relevance of the research beyond Southeast European area studies. While a historical approach to the theme is essential, research projects applying multiple methods (such as geospatial techniques, bottom-up historical research, anthropological methods and field-work) will be given preference.  

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